Jim Adelman image
Assistant Professor
Disease Ecology, Ecological Immunology, Physiological Ecology, Wildlife
Screenshot of Julie Blanchong
Associate Professor
Wildlife Disease Ecology, Wildlife Genetics, Wildlife
Photograph of Sue Blodgett
Department Chair
Entomology, Integrated Pest Management, Monarch Butterfly
Photograph of Dr. Steven Bradbury
Environmental Toxicology, Pesticide Risk Assessment, Environmental Policy, Conservation, Sustainability
Photograph of Joe Colletti
Interim Dean
Miranda Curzon
Assistant Professor
Silviculture, Applied Forest Ecology, Forestry
Photograph of Stephen J. Dinsmore
Professor, Associate Department Chair, Director of Graduate Education (DOGE)
Avian Ecology, Population Biology, Wildlife
Richard Hall image
In Memoriam
Photograph of Thomas Harrington
Plant Pathology
Photograph of Dr. Mary Harris
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Pollinators, Conservation, Sustainability
Photograph of Thomas Isenhart
Stream Ecology, Conservation, Sustainability
Adam Janke profile picture
Assistant Professor, Extension Wildlife Specialist
Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife-Habitat Relationships, Game management, Wildlife
Photograph of Robert Klaver
Professor, Iowa Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Leader
Wildlife Biology, Wildlife
Photograph of Catherine McMullen
Adjunct Associate Professor
Forestry, Restoration Ecology, Conservation
Photograph of Peter Moore
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Geomorphology, Hydrology
Photograph of Joseph E. Morris
Aquaculture, Aquatic Systems
Photograph of Cassandra Nuñez
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Behavioral Ecology, Wildlife
Clay Pierce image
Assistant Professor, Iowa Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Assistant Leader
Aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Systems
Photograph of Jesse Randall
Associate Professor
Silviculture, Human Interactions, Sustainability
Mike Rentz
Sustainability, Mammalogy, Wildlife
Kevin Roe image
Associate Professor
Freshwater Organism Conservation, Wildlife, Aquatic Systems, Sustainability
Photograph of Dr. Ann Russell
Adjunct Associate Professor
Ecosystem Ecology, Conservation, Sustainability
Jennifer Schieltz
Lecturer, French Conservation Camp director
Behavioral Ecology, Conservation
Lisa Schulte Moore
Landscape Ecology, Human-Landscape Interactions, Sustainability
Photograph of Richard Schultz
University Professor
Riparian Ecology, Agroforestry, Conservation, Sustainability
Lidia Skrynnikova
Renewable Resources, Natural Resource Policy, Environmental History, Conservation, Sustainability
Tim Stewart image
Associate Professor
Aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Systems
Photograph of Douglas Stokke
Senior Lecturer
Photograph of Janette R Thompson
Morrill Professor
Forestry, Urban Forestry, Urban Ecology, Human Interactions
John Tyndall
Associate Professor
Natural Resource Economics, Human Interactions, Sustainability
Photograph of Michael Weber
Assistant Professor
Aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Systems
Peter Wolter
Assistant Professor
Forest Ecology, Human Interactions, Sustainability