2014 Scholarship Recipients

2013-2014 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Scholarship Recipients

Agriculture Scholarship

Nathan Seibert
Kassidy Stitz
Summer Thorsten


Dean’s Leadership Scholars Scholarship


Madelyn Sislow


Edward F. and Phoebe H. Knipling Scholarship


Bobbi Provost


Elmer J. Steuck Scholarship in Agriculture


Anna Anderson


Frank H. Mendell Scholarship


Nicole Schubert

Fred Foreman Scholarship for Growth in Leadership Participation

Sara Doermann
Maggie Harthoorn
Frances Hunter
Crystal Krapfl

Future of Agriculture Scholarship

Tyler Fischer
Freya Greene
Grace Kavalier
Claire Lattimer
Matthew Monahan


Joseph Fleming Endowment Scholarship


Henry Moss
Kevin Quinteros

Joseph F. Nelson Scholarships in Agriculture

Kristen Alverson
Samantha Ball
Kyle Kleve
Megan Primrose


Kenneth M. and Ruth I. Wagner Agricultural Memorial Scholarship


Amber Fischbach


Lane-Wells Scholarship


Sarah Hickey


Minard G. Mills Memorial Scholarship in the College of Agriculture


Erica Northwick
Heather Sanders


Newman L. Lyle Memorial Award


Eva Jones


Portia A. Goke Scholarship in Memory of Alvin W. Goke


Kevin Downey
Andrew Plate


Print and Grace Powers Hudson Scholarship in Agriculture


Lynne Gardner Almond


Pudil Trust Scholarship


Maggie Curtis


Scholarship for Excellence In Agriculture- E. Marjorie Smith and Garland Beck Scholarship


John Nevill


Scholarship for Excellence in Agriculture- Joseph F. Nelson Scholarship


Mary Broadfoot

Wise Scholarship in Agriculture

Rebecca Bradley
Riley Burke
Caitlyn Corwin
Logan Halverson
Shelby McKay
Julia Schwager


2014-2015 Forestry Scholarships Recipients

Pack Essay Fall Forestry Camp Scholarship

John Benjamin
Logan Halverson
Nathan Seibert


Christopher Twarok Memorial Forestry Camp Scholarship


Jeff Craig
Julia Schwager


Andrew Mathias Forestry Club Student Involvement Award


Amy Ann Garza


Fred W. and Sharon McMillan Scholarship


Julia Schwager


Bill and Joyce Rozeboom Memorial Scholarship


Eva Jones
Sarah Kendell


Chuck and Marguerite Tice Sophomore Scholarship in Forestry


Ashley Van Winkle


Douglas A. and Deanna Valley Scholarship in Forestry


Cameron Adams
Nathanial Thompson


Dwight W. and Marguerite Bensend Forestry Scholarship


Kevin Downy


Xi Sigma Pi – Keith Bauer Award


Logan Halverson


Edward and Theola Clarke Forestry Scholarship


Amy Ann Garza

Evered Ihrig Memorial Scholarship

Maggie Harthoorn
Dan Minchk
Trent Raddatz


2014-2015 Animal Ecology Scholarship Recipients


Interpretation Scholarship


Bobbi Provost


Brian Vincent Memorial Scholarship


Olivia Rauen


Carlander-Vasey Fisheries Scholarship


Tanner Donovan


Chuck and Marguerite Tice Fisheries and Wildlife Scholarship


Shelby McKay
Kevin Quinteros


David and Candace Arp Animal Ecology Scholarship


Andie Grant


Dennis Healy Memorial Scholarship


Claire Lattimer
Nicholas Rhinehart


Elaine Boge Scholarship


Audrey Bonk
Bobbi Provost


Iowa Chapter American Fisheries Society Scholarship


Dray Carl


Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation J.N. “Ding” Darling Undergraduate Scholarship


Anna Anderson
Sarah Kleckner


Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation J.N. “Ding” Darling Graduate Scholarship


Louis Hilgemann
Rebecca Reeves


Sherry Fisher Award


Lynne Gardner Almond


James and Patricia Dinsmore Scholarship


Kristen Alverson
Audrey Bonk


C.E. Farnsworth Memorial Fund


Brenna Towery


Kenneth Carlander Memorial Graduate Scholarship


Carlos Camacho


LaVon Tostenson Award


Brenna Towery

M. Virginia Sharar Memorial Scholarship

Marit Bakken
Haley Holbrook
Francis Hunter
John Nevill


Ray Buresh Scholarship Endowment


Anna Anderson
Nicole Schubert


Whitetails Unlimited Scholarship


Julia Pfeiffer


Forestry Scholarship Recipients Continued


G.B MacDonald Scholarship


Kayla Stalder


Gene Brugere Scholarship in Forestry


Traci Ott


Gene C. Meyer Scholarship in Forestry


Eric Martin


George and Dorothy Thomson Scholarship and Awards Endowment


Nathan Seibert


J. Milton Cone Memorial Forestry Scholarship


Logan Halverson


Jack Nicholas and Ada Elizabeth Gordon Award


Katrina Gonzales
Conor Russell


Kenneth D. Obye Scholarship


Tonya Dunsmoor


Melissa Fender Scholarship


Crystal Krapfl

Robert E. Proctor Scholarship

Amy Ann Garza
Maggie Harthoorn
Michael McCall
Carter Oliver
Tanner Scheuermann


Virgil Matlack Memorial Scholarship in Forestry


Francisco Murphy


Warren J. Lischer Scholarship


Henry Moss


Carl Rise Teaching Fellowship in Forestry


Rayma Cooley


Florence E. and Wendell H. Harmon Research Fellowship in Forestry


Ashley Hand