How to Run the Model

To access the model in the Cloud, click here: Simulation model:

Instructions: Look for the model using the model name “N Cycling In Ag Systems”.
Returning users may access the model more directly here.  

1. Click on the white arrow

 Screenshot of white arrown

2. Select ‘Lab’ Option for Experiments, ‘Interactive’ for Games (red circle).

3. From the drop-down menus (green box), select Cropping System, Fertilizer and Management.

Screenshot of selecting lab options

4. Click on ‘Continue’ to run the model.

Screenshot of selecting continue

5. When the model pauses, click on the stocks and gather data from the tan boxes.

6. Click on the ‘X’ in the upper right to end the run and return to the beginning to start a new run (yellow circle).

Screenshot of x in upper right