Amazing Adventure in New Zealand with Blake McPherren

September 2, 2015

Blake's Amazing Adventure

Blake is a senior in Animal Ecology Major, with a Wildlife Option. 

Q. Where did you go for Study Abroad?
A. New Zealand

Q. Was this a travel course, exchange or internship? 
A. 496A

Q. Who were the instructors who facilitated the trip (if there were any)?
A. Michael Weber

Jessica Hepker - 2011 Graduate

March 25, 2012

Eagle River, Wisconsin may not be the first place you think of when thinking of Forestry, but it is exactly where Jessica Hepker ended up, and she loves it. 
After graduating with a Forestry degree, with an option in Interpretation, in December of 2011, Jessica worked for the Des Moines Y camp with Mike Havik.  When her 3 months was completed there, she joined Trees for Tomorrow in Eagle River.  Trees for Tomorrow is a natural resource specialty school that provides educational programs to junior high and high school students.


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