Placement rates look promising for NREM graduates

The latest placement rates for our undergraduates have been posted.  Surveys of students who graduated summer 2016, fall 2016 and spring 2017 were compiled by the CALS Career Services Office.  Overall, the college experienced a 99.2% placement rate (where placement includes employment, continuing education and military service).  This compares with 97.9% placement for the previous year.  Perhaps most interesting is the fact that this was the largest (1124 students) graduating class ever in CALS – a 5% increase over the previous year.

For the 81 Animal Ecology majors who responded to the survey there was 100% placement – 69 were employed (59% in Iowa), 11 were pursuing further educational opportunities (in professional or graduate school).  There were 7 graduates that did not respond or could not be contacted.

Of the 31 Forestry grads, 29 responded.  All but two, 96.4% were employed (44% in Iowa) and none were in grad school. One individual was listed as seeking employment and one as “not seeking” employment.  There were two forestry students unaccounted for in the survey.

Graduate students were lumped into “NREM”, but all six MS grads were either professionally employed or (one) seeking additional education.  They also listed one NREM PhD graduate with 100% placement.  Entomology had four MS students who graduated and listed 100% employment.

For more information, view today's issue of CALS Online.