NREM Graduate Seminar Book Review Published

Dr. Klaver reviewed Large Carnivore Conservation as part of a graduate seminar and seminar participants represented the full range of readers who might be interested in the book: natural resource managers, citizen advocates, researchers, and students.  Although we encountered a variety of opinions based on our different backgrounds and orientations, we discovered a surprising amount of consensus both about what the book does well and where it falls short of our expectations. Click here for the full review. 

Large Carnivore Conservation: Integrating Science and Policy in the North American West 
A. L. McCombs; A. J. Albertsen; M. M. Cox; E. E. Ernst; H. J. Haley; D. A. Loney; M. M. Mackert; F. Piatscheck; V.M. Pocius; D. S. Stein; E. A. Altrichter; A. J. Almond; J. M. Dale; J. N. Dupuie Jr.; P. G. McGovern; B. A. Nixon; J. E. Swanson; R. W. Klaver
Journal of Mammalogy 2016;
doi: 10.1093/jmammal/gyw019