Kristy Adey Makes Students Feel At Home With Iowa Mural



Painting is something Animal Ecology Senior Kristy Adey has a passion for; it allows her to display her talents and creativity. The hallway mural of Science II was an inspiration for Kristy based on a mural in room 114 of the same building created by a group of Biological and Pre-medical Illustration students.

With the help of Amanda Chung, one of the Student Services Specialist for the NREM Department, her job began. With just a little over 8 months in the making and plenty of hours of dedication, this 8 feet by 24 feet mural is complete.

It’s a scenic Iowa display that brings together the many aspects of the NREM Department is. When asked, Kristy stated she’s “very pleased with the outcome of this mural, it was a lot of work and every time I started to paint, I wanted to add more.” Adding extra aspects of the scene is exactly what she did, with different species of flowers and a variety of wildlife represented.

Students as well as faculty, have expressed how tremendous it looks. Kristy faced a couple challenges when painting this masterpiece including the vast amount of grass and trying to match paint colors to natural vibrancy of the plants and animals.

With all the mixing of the paints, time spent, and hard work, the mural has students feeling as if they’re at home. One student expressed that “the mural is beautiful, and it really enhances the building.”  Another student said “it’s stunning and really captivates the imagination!” Many others expressed a desire for Kristy to continue filling the walls with her masterpieces!

 A big thank you to Kristy for this permanent inspiration and welcoming environment she’s created in our halls!