Amazing Adventure in New Zealand with Blake McPherren

Blake's Amazing Adventure

Blake is a senior in Animal Ecology Major, with a Wildlife Option. 

Q. Where did you go for Study Abroad?
A. New Zealand

Q. Was this a travel course, exchange or internship? 
A. 496A

Q. Who were the instructors who facilitated the trip (if there were any)?
A. Michael Weber

Q. Why did you choose to go to this destination?
A. I have always wanted to go to New Zealand and with my love for fisheries it fell right into place.

Q. What did you learn on this trip? 
A. We learned a ton about New Zealand's history and the mori people. We got to explore and learn about the native wildlife New Zealand has and how invasive species have effected many of these species. As a major part of our trip we learned about galaxids, a native fish to New Zealand that is poorly understood.

Q. What did you learn/experience during your trip that you hadn’t anticipated before you went on the trip?
A. What really hit was how much the invasive species have devastated the lands and how they have almost wiped out some of the native species on the islands.

Q. What were the expectations/objectives (if there were any) for this trip according to the instructor?
A. To make a log of each day and what we experienced to help write our final reflection. We all also had to lead and navigate the whole group to our destination each day.

Q. What were your expectations and how were they met/not met?
A. My expectations were more than met on this trip. I was just hoping to do some fishing, and it was much more then that.

Q. What was the best part/were the best parts] about your study abroad experience?
A. Our trout fishing trip and deep sea fishing trip, both will be unforgettable.

Q. What was the most influential part about your trip and how has it changed your outlook on life?
A. How has it impacted you personally, academically, professionally? Mostly just creating a broader mind on what is out there in the world. It has helped me realize my will and determination to grow and go after what I want in all aspects of my life.