New Student Activities

As a new student we want you to feel comfortable at Iowa State and in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management (NREM).  For that reason we have opportunities for students to make friends and experience the world of natural resources while having fun!


New Student Mini Camp

The New Student Mini Camp is for freshman and new transfer students. Held at the Iowa 4-H Center in Madrid, Iowa this day long mini camp is filled with activities that give new students a taste of the different techniques they may learn in their higher level courses.  The activities can change each year depending on which faculty participate in the mini camp.  In the past there have been activities such as monarch butterfly tagging, tree identification, misnetting, aquatic environment investigation, bird watching, timber stand evaluations and much more!

The date of each year's Mini Camp will be given out during orientation or in students' NREM 110 Orientation to NREM course.




NREM 207: Natural Resource Management under the North American Model of Conservation

NREM 207 is a half semester course for freshman and new transfer students.  In the class students will learn about the North American model of conservation and how this model underlies ownership of fish and wildlife, the funding for fish and wildlife management and associated policies and regulations.  The course should also develop a student's level of comfort in working and recreating outdoors, particularly in the presence of firearms and other hunting and fishing equipment.

The course culminates in an Outdoor Skills Weekend.  Starting Friday evening and going until Sunday afternoon, students stay at the Iowa 4-H Center in Madrid, Iowa. Days are filled with activities of their choice ranging from archery to outdoor cooking to survival skills. Activities are hosted by NREM faculty as well as local professionals in these fields.

Students interested in NREM 207 will register for the course during their orientation.