Apply for Courses


ISU Students

ISU students can enroll (starting in the spring) by turning in a signed "Add" slip to Enrollment Services. Courses require permission of the instructor, so simply email the faculty member of the course you are interested in to schedule a short meeting. They will answer any questions you have about the course and can sign a pink 'Add' slip for you. Take this signed form to 10 Enrollment Services to get added to the class list. Summer and fall course registration usually opens shortly after Spring Break. Your exact registration time will be posted in AccessPlus ~midway through spring semester.

Non-ISU Students

Our SUMMER courses are open to students from any university or community college! Students from other schools can register for one of our summer courses and talk to their home institution about transferring the credits.

Application and registration for non-ISU students will be done through the ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Online Learning website. Please email the camp director, Jennifer Schieltz, at for more information.

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