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Melanie Bogert

Melanie Bogert

  • Graduate Assistant
I grew up in Iowa and followed two generations and some siblings to Iowa State University, but the first to pursue an NREM career! As an undergraduate in Forestry, I took courses in wildlife care, forest and wildlife ecology, and ecosystem management, and completed a minor in Hispanic Studies which included studying abroad in Valencia, Spain for a summer. I wanted to continue my education in conservation and natural resources, specifically the prairie ecosystems I grew up with on and near my parent's farms in Iowa.

Contact Info

Science 2
2310 Pammel Dr


  • B.S., Forestry, Iowa State University, 2020

More Information

Research Interests: My research involves nutrient input through dairy manure in prairie ecosystems and how this might impact the growth and development of plant communities and the abundance and diversity of pollinator communities. I'm particularly interested in the implications it may have to plant/pollinator composition as well as waste disposal management in Iowa.

Personal Interests: I caught the travel bug at a young age after many fun family vacations and love to experience different cultures, places, and peoples as often as I can. When I can’t be travelling, I spend most of my time with my family/friends/dogs, hiking, biking, reading, watching any inaccurate police procedural crime drama tv series, and collecting rocks.

Area of Expertise: Forest and Prairie Ecology