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Jordan Giese

Jordan Giese

  • Graduate Assistant
From growing up in eastern Nebraska, I have always been interested in the relationship between wildlife and agriculture. My first field research experience at the University of Nebraska involved nest survival of songbirds on conventional and organic farms. After graduating, I moved to Texas to pursue a M.S. in wildlife biology. My research there examined nest survival and predation of White-tipped Doves (a south Texas gamebird) in the Lower Rio Grande Valley along the U.S. - Mexico border. I have also been heavily involved with projects on Mourning Doves, White-winged Doves, Northern Bobwhite, Green Jays, and Clay-colored Thrush. I have enjoyed presenting this research at several regional, national, and international wildlife conferences. In Texas, I spent time as an adjunct faculty member at Tarleton State University teaching Wildlife Conservation and Management for non-majors. I have also taught lab sections of GIS and Wildlife Management Techniques.

Contact Info

339 Science 2
2310 Pammel Dr.


  • B.S., Fisheries and Wildlife, University of Nebraska, 2013
  • M.S., Agriculture and Natural Resources, Tarleton State University, 2016

More Information

Working dissertation title: The Impact of Prairie Strips and Other Agricultural Land Uses on Grassland Biodiversity 

Adviser: Lisa Schulte Moore

Current Research: Within the STRIPs project, I’m investigating the impact of prairie strips on avian density and occupancy. I will be examining the impacts of landscape characteristics on avian communities with an emphasis on surrounding land cover of STRIPS sites. I am also the lead biodiversity researcher on the Pigs and Prairies project in northern Missouri. We will be evaluating the biodiversity impacts of prairie restoration for biogas production. 

Personal Interests: I attempt to fish and camp as much as possible. I enjoy sports immensely and play basketball, softball, and tennis whenever I get the chance. I began college as a sports journalism major and will watch about any sporting event on television especially Nebraska football (sorry ISU fans).

Area of Expertise: Wildlife Ecology