September 8: Lisa will be inducted into the University of Minnesota Duluth's Academy of Science and Engineering. Lisa conducted her Master's research through UMD, where she studied forest bird response to wildfire and clearcut harvesting practices. She graduated in 1996. 

August 25: PEWIv3 is now live! This day was 15 mo in the making. Great work by Robert, Alex, Charlie, Elise, Lizzy, Mahul, Noah, Sue,and Uma made it happen. Way to go, team!

August 6: Going to the Ecological Society of America meeting in Portland, Oregon? Lisa will be presenting Thursday morning in a session on ecological modeling.

July 29: Congrats to lab graduates Usman Anwar, Stephanie Enloe, and Eddie Shea for having their Master's research accepted for publication in scientific journals this summer. Usman is now a developer with AgSolver, Stephanie works for the Center for Rural Affairs and will shortly be beginning a PhD program at Cornell University, and Eddie works on wetland conservation for the Wisconsin DNR. We're very proud of you and all your accomplishments! 

July 27: Find Lisa presenting on "Your Farm as an Ecosystem" at the Saving Our Iowa Land (SOIL) conference at Drake Law School.

July 17: We're excited to welcome Elise Miller back to the lab for the summer! Elise is a Volpert Scholar and Honors student at Stanford University who contributes to the PEWI and STRIPS projects.

June 27: Find PhD student and PEWI developer Robert Valek at the North American Agroforestry Conference in Blacksburg, Virginia. 

May 15: We're looking forward to a productive summer with our crews of field and lab assistants. Members of the PEWI summer team include Uma Abu, Sue Chang, Lizzy Li, Alex Schulz, and Mehul Shinde. STRIPS summer field and lab crew include Jacob Figge, Katie Jacobson, Charlie Labuzetta, Elise Miller, Cory Rhinehart, and Brandon Silker. Welcome, all!

May 15: We're excited to welcome Jordan Giese as an incoming PhD student in the lab today. Jordan recently finished his Master's degree at Tarleton State University, where he studied white-tipped doves. Jordan recently won top awards for his presentation at an international reserarch conference. Way to go, Jordan! 

May 5: Congrats lab graduates Charlie Labuzetta (BS Math), Noah Hagen (BS Physics), Jake Hill (BS Environmental Science), Nancy Shryock (BS Animal Ecology), and Matt Stephenson (MS Wildlife Ecology)! Charlie is starting on graduate degrees through ISU Statistics in the fall, Jake is now employed with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Nancy is starting on a graduate degree through the ISU program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Matt is continuing on toward a PhD in the lab. Also, congrats to post-doc Elke Brandes, for her new position with the Thunen Institute in Germany. Thank you all for your contributions to the lab, the state of Iowa, and research and education more broadly.

April 21-22: Find lab member Robert Valek presenting on PEWI at the Iowa Academy of Science meeting in Cedar Falls.

April 11: Congrats to Matt Stephenson for successfully defending his Master's thesis on "Quantifying methods to improve explanatory power in bird nest studies"!!! Undergraduate Honors Researcher Jake Hill also presented his work on "Cup plant biases community nitrogen composition in response to increasing prairie community diversity" at an ISU-wide symposium. Nicely done, you two!

April 7: With partners from Roeslein Alternative Energy and Mizzou, Lisa presents research results on the strategic integration of prairie within agricultural landscapes to the Missouri Office of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

March 27: Check out new paper from the STRIPS team on the removal of neonicitinoid pesticides by prairie strips from agricultural watersheds with historical seed coating use. This paper was published in the journal Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment and produced in collaboration with USGS scientists. 

March 22: Find Robert Valek presention on PEWI at the Iowa Water Conference. Register for the post-conference workshop with the STRIPS team: "Guide farmers and landowners to use prairie strips." 

February 15: Lisa slow jams prairie strips with the Water Rocks! team.

February 5-8: Attending the 77th Annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska? Find lab members Julia Dale and Matt Stephenson there. They will both be presenting both a talk and a poster.

February 3: Lab graduate Anna MacDonald is in the news for her conservation work with Iowa farmers. Nicely done, Anna!


November 29: Lisa visits fellow Leopold Leadership Program Fellow, Stephen Porder, and his lab at Brown University.

November 2-6: Find lab member Robert Valek at the SAF National Convention in Madison, WI. He will be presenting a poster on PEWI v3 development.

October 19: Lisa will be presenting on the STRIPS project at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this week. Check out their School of Natural Resources.

October 17: Congrats to Emily Zimmerman for passing her preliminary exams with flying colors! It's been a big week for her overall -- she also just lined up her post-graduation job with ISU's Global Resource Systems program!

September 30: Congrats to lab graduate, Dr. Tricia Knoot, who was just names Forest Science Section Chief within the Wisconsin DNR! We are so proud of you, Tricia!

September 23: We're hiring! There's a new position available in the lab for an aspiring Ph.D. student on the new "Pigs & Prairie" project and STRIPS. Email Lisa to learn more.

September 6: Curious about PEWI? Learn more with this ISU News release.

August 24: We're excited about the new "Pigs & Prairie" project starting up in the lab. The LESEM team will be conducing biodiversity monitoring on native prairie plantings associated Roeslein Alternative Energy and Smithfield Foods anaerobic digestion facility in northwest Missouri. In addition to providing advanced biofuel, he project has the potential to reduce odors and keep water clean. The project's grand opening will take place on August 24's on Smithfield's Ruckman Farms near Albany, MO.

August 17: Tune into the Iowa Learning Farms webinar at 1 pm today to learn and ask questions about PEWI. Details provided here.

August 14: Read about STRIPS in an editorial by the Des Moines Register: Restore a bit of Iowa's prairie, reap benefits.

August 8: Read about STRIPS in the Washington Post.

July 26: Come hear Emily Zimmerman's talk on "Targeting for Diverse Ecosystem Service Outcomes in an Agricultural Matrix" at the Soil and Water Conservation Society meeting in Loiusville, KY.

June 27: We're excited to welcome Elise Miller as a summer research assistant to the lab. Elise is an undergraduate in Earth Systems at Stanford University. Welcome, Elise!

June 23: Lisa meets with staffers from the US Senate and House of Representatives as part of the SoAR Foundation's "Retaking the Field" launch event. Read the ISU news release about this visit here

May 30: Congrats to lab member Emily Zimmerman on becoming a Wakonse Fellow this long weekend. Wakonse means "to teach, to inspire." The term is aprapos for Emily, who was also awarded ISU NREM's Teaching Assistant of the Year in 2016. Way to go, Emily!

May 9: The LESEM Lab welcomes three new undergraduate research assistants -- Noah Hagen, Charlie Labuzzetta, and Cassaundra Runyan -- and Brandon Silker back to the lab for the summer. Noah and Charlie are working on PEWI. Cassaundra and Brandon are working on STRIPS. Welcome aboard crew! 

April 21: Lisa was promoted to Full Professor today by Iowa State University and the Iowa Board of Regents!

April 3-7: Interested in agricultural landscape research and going to the US-IALE meeting in Asheville, NC? Mark your calendar for Emily Zimmerman's and Dr. Elke Brandes talks!

March: The LESEM Lab is running full steam aheald finishing up development of PEWI v2. Watch for a full release later this spring. In the mean time, you can learn more about PEWI by reading this new paper published in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. Or find Lisa at the Natural Capital Sympoisum at Stanford University on March 21st, or Lisa and Robert at the Iowa Water Conference on March 23 & 24 in Ames.

March 5: Come to the Raccoon River Association's annual meeting at the Hotel Patee in Perry, Iowa and hear Lisa present on prairie strips and more!

February 17-18: Find Julia, Lisa, and Matt at the Iowa Chapter of The Wildlife Society Meeting in Ames.

February 10-11: Lisa will be visiting Utah State University, delivering a public and science lecture sponsored by The Ecology Center. Go Big Blue!

January 24-27: More presentations! Catch lab members Jullia Dale and Matt Stephenson presenting on their work at the Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference. Also, Lisa will be presenting at the Iowa Soil Health Conference on February 2rd. 

January 20: Another paper just came out! Read about Dr. Elke Brandes' work on subfield scale profitability analysis for corn and soybean fields in the state of Iowa in Environmental Research Letters. A press release on this paper is available through ISU News Service.

January 17: Our first paper of the year just published: Prairie strips as a mechanism to promote land sharing by birds in industrial agricultural landscapes.Watch for more good stuff coming soon!

January 15: Live in the Washington, DC area? Lisa will be giving a lecture on Harnessing the Power of Prairie at the U.S. Botanical Garden at noon today.


December 20: Congrats to lab graduate, Dr. Todd Ontl, on his new position as a USDA Northern Forest Climate Hub Fellow in Houghton, Michigan. Todd will assist stakeholders in the northeastern US transition to climate-friendly forest management. 

December 4: Did you know you could access most of the LESEM lab's publications for free? Check us out on ISU's Digital Repository.

November 18-20: Find Lisa at the Field To Market Sustainable Agriculture Summit in Minneapolis. Find Emily at Drake University SOIL Conference in Des Moines. Find Robert at the Iowa Organic Conference in Iowa City on November 20-23.

October 3-23: Lisa's off at Forestry Camp with ISU's sophomore forestry students. This year's Camp is in the beautiful northerwoods of Minnesota.

September 21: We're excited to have Dr. Doug Landis from Michigan State University visiting us this week!

July 28: Summer is for field days. Lisa will be speaking at the Practical Farmers of Iowa field day at the DeCook Ranch near Lovillia, Iowa on this day. Check PFI's calendar for this and other events.

July 16-18: Looking forward to the Iowa Prairie Conference hosted by UNI's Tallgrass Prairie Center. Carrie, Emily, and Lisa will all be delivering presentations.

July 5-10: We're excited to join our fellow landscape ecologists this week at the 9th IALE World Congress in Portland, Oregon. Carrie, Emily, and Lisa will all be in attendance.

June 15: Welcome Robert Valek to the lab! Robert will start his PhD with us at the start of the fall semester, working on PEWI and ISEP

June 18: Our thoughts are with the people of Charleston, South Carolina today, as our nation grieves last night's horrific event. One of our lab members is among you: Emily Zimmerman, who is attending the ISSRM conference.

May 3: What should Iowa look like? Learn what Iowan's think in this piece by lab graduate Drake Larsen, publish in the inagural issue of Rootstalk: A Prairie Journal of Culture, Science, and the Arts.

April 29: Read about lab Ph.D. student Emily Zimmerman's field research in Farm News. Like much of the research in the lab, she seeks to answer both basic and applied questions with her research. 

April 16: Congrats to lab graduate Dr. Todd Ontl for bagging peer-reviewed paper number 50 for the lab! You rock! We rock!

March 9: Come chat with Lisa tonight at Grinnell College, where she will be presenting her work on tweaking, adapting, and transforming agriculture to better account for ecosystem services; 7 pm in room 101 of the Joe Rosenfield '25 Center.

March 2: Lisa will present on STRIPS at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, as the state seeks practical ways to to address water quality and wildlife conservation goals.

February 5: Another new paper out from the lab! This time by lab graduates Drs. Devan McGranahan and Paul Brown. Devan is now an assistant prof at NDSU and Paul is the Associate Director of Extension at Auburn University.

January 31: Our first paper of 2015 was published today, titled Forest Change in the Driftless Area: From a Preferred to Undesireable State. Congrats to authors and lab graduates Tricia Knoot and Monika Shea! 

January 15: Lisa will be giving lots of talks in the next few weeks. She will be discussing Boone River research on January 23 in Webster City, STRIPS in Ames on February 3 and 19, and agricultural landscapes on March 10. If you'll be in the neighborhood, email Lisa for more details.


December 15: We welcome Matt Stephenson as a new Master's student in the lab. Matt will be working on STRIPS and is co-advised by Dr. Bob Klaver.

December 5: Congrats to lab graduate Stephanie Enloe on her new job with the Center for Rural Affairs!

November 19: STRIPS and Lisa Schulte Moore made the New York Times today. See Mark Bittman's column on a Sustainable Solution for the Corn Belt.

November 18: Lisa will present lab research at the Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium in Irvine, California.

November 13: Congrats to LESEM Lab graduates Rachael Cox and Monika Shea on publishing their first first-authored papers this fall. Rachael's was published in Environmental Entomology in October. Monika's appeared in the latest issue of Restoration Ecology. Well done, ladies!

November 4: Learn more about prairie strips through this news release prepared by LESEM Lab funder, the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.  

September 25: Tonight we celebrated the release of Prairie STRIPS - The Movie. Thank you Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and ISU's Brenton Center for making this happen! 

September 16: Read about lab graduate Stephanie Enloe's work on the Boone River Partnership for water quality in this month's issue of the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.

September 4: Lisa presents on the use of "switch-thinking" in the Boone River Partnership for ag profitability and water quality at the annual Conservation Districts of Iowa conference.

August 14: Lisa and Maeraj are participating ISU's SustAg509: Agroecosystems Analysis class field trip for a week starting today. Follow our journey on Twitter by following @lschultemoore or searching #SustAg509.

August 8: We welcome Julia Dale to the lab! Julia is a new Master's student in the lab working on bird use of prairie strips

July 31: The LESEM Lab congratulates Usman Anwar and Rayma Cooley on completing their Master's degrees and bids them a fond farewell. Come back and visit, you two!

July 11: Congrats to Carrie Chennault on a successful Master’s defense!  Carrie’s thesis is titled, “People in Ecosystems/Watershed Integration: Visualizing ecosystem services tradeoffs in agricultural landscapes.”  She will be continuing on as a PhD student in the lab.

July 1: The lab bids ultra-star research associate Monika Shea farewell as she transitions to a Ph.D. program in forest ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We miss you already, Monika!

June 12: Listen to STRIPS farmer cooperator Seth Watkins on NPR's Morning Edition.

June 9: We're excited for the annual STRIPS stakeholder meeting today at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge.

May 14: Interior Secretary Sally Jewell visits Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge and learns about prairie STRIPS!

April 25: We look forward to hosting lab graduate, Tricia Knoot, research social scientist with Wisconsin DNR, who will be delivering a seminar at 3:10 in 164E Lagomarcino Hall.

April 18: Congrats to lab graduate, Ryan Atwell, on his new position as Coldharbour Endowed Chair in Environment and Sustainability / Executive Director of the Coldharbour Sustainable Living Center at Western State Colorado University!!!

April 16: The LESEM Lab is excited to host Professor Elena Bennett from McGill University.  Elena will deliver the keynote address associated with ISU's Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture's Spring Symposium.

April 11: Congrats to Monika Shea, LESEM Lab research associate who will be moving on for PhD studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall!

April 10: Stephanie Enloe will be presenting her defense seminar at 11:15 am in 333 Science II.  Stephanie's thesis is titled, "Toward a collaborative model of surface water management: Lessons from the Boone River Watershed Nutrient Management Initiative." Find out more about her work here.

March 27: Come hear lab member Usman Anwar present his research on hydrological impacts of biomass cropping systems at 11 am in 333 Science II.

March 26: Carrie Chennault is presenting on PE/WI at the Natural Capital Project's Annual Training and Meeting at Stanford.

March 14: Read about prairie strips in the Missouri Prairie Journal and Wallaces Farmer magazine.

March 3-4: Come hear Lisa and Carrie speak at the Iowa Water Conference in Ames. Carrie will be providing our "release party" for PE/WI v2.  Lisa will give one of the plenaries, titled "Switch! 9 Ways to Meet Iowa's Nutrient Management Goals".

February 23: We currently have graduate research assistantships available in the lab in the areas of avian agroecology and the ecology of bioenergy systems. Find details at this link.

February 6: We're excited to begin joint lab meetings via Skype with Dr. Elena Bennett's lab at McGill University this semester!

January 28: Read our first paper of the year, Establishment and Short-term Productivity of Annual and Perennial Bioenergy Crops Across a Landscape Gradient, and related press release. This paper is associated with the Landscape Biomass Project.

January 11: Happy birthday, Aldo Leopold!


December 16: Our last paper for 2013 was published today in the Journal of Higher Education, Outreach and Engagement, titled: Landlabs - An Integrated Approach to Creating Agricultural Enterprises that Meet the Triple Bottom Line. Overall, 2013 has been a fabulous year for the lab, publishing 8 peer-reviewed and 3 editorially reviewed articles, graduating two students, delivering innumerable presentations, and starting a lab blog. We're excited about the work we do and have much to be thankful for. 

November 27: Congrats to lab member Carrie Chennault for her election to the Wheatsfield Coop board of directors! 

November 25: Come meet Lisa at the University of California, Berkeley where's she's delivering a presentation at the new Berkeley Food Institute.

November 19: Listen to Lisa talk about how the land-sharing/land-sparing debate plays out in Iowa in a new Field Talk podcast from the Ecological Society of America

November 18: Farewell to Dr. Todd Ontl, who begins post-doc life working on carbon cycling in peatlands in a joint position at Michigan Technological University and US Forest Service today.  We miss you already, Todd!

November 15: We're excited for a lab field trip today, to a 420 acre farm in eastern Iowa that already has prairie strips! A new potential cooperator and research site!

November 12: Stephanie Enloe presented her evaluation of the Boone River Watershed Program at the Leadership for Midwestern Watersheds meeting in Madison, WI.  She also took top prize in the "Best Elevator Speech" compeition!  Nicely done, Stephanie!

October 30: Congrats to Dr. Todd Ontl for successfully defending his dissertation, titled Soil carbon cycling and storage of bioenergy cropping systems across a heterogeneous agroecosystem.  Way to go, Todd!!!!

October 17: Our new blog is live! Read about why we decided to start blogging in our first post. You can find the blog here.

September 6: Rob Manatt's paper, "Farm-scale costs and returns for second generation bioenergy cropping systems in the U.S. Corn Belt" has now been published by Environmental Research Letters.  You can find a pdf copy of this paper along with a "video abstract" of it here. Nicely done, Rob!

August 29: Farewell to summer intern, Justin Choe.  Thank you for all your good, hard work on upgrading PE/WI, Justin!

August 14: Congrats to Rob Manatt for having his paper, Farm-scale costs and returns for second-generation bioenergy cropping systems in the U.S. Corn Belt, accepted to Environmental Research Letters! Rob was an undergraduate research assistant in the lab and is now pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota.

August 4-9: Find Lisa, Todd, and Usman at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Minneapolis, MN. 

July 22: Hear Lisa and NRCS collaborator Doug Davenport and farmer collaborator Seth Watkins talk about the STRIPS on Iowa Public Radio.

July 15: Want to learn how to run an effective watershed improvement program?  FInd out more here.

July 11: How does the lack of a Farm Bill hurt science and the environment? It kills $24 billion in conservation measures. Read about it here.

July 1: Lisa's agro-ecology pitch takes the prize for the Science Cafe at Ecological Society of America's 2013 meeting. 

June 27: An exciting development on the STRIPs Project: Seth Watkins becomes the first farmer to establish prairie strips on his farm!  Learn more here.

June 16: The lab standardizes data and file management and storage protocols.

June 12: Read about how Lisa is working to create a new vision for agriculture in Iowa as a part of her Leopold Leadership Fellowship.

June 3: The lab is excited to welcome Emily Zimmerman at a new Ph.D. student.  Emily recently completed her Master's degree at the University of Michigan.

May 27: Hear Lisa discuss the benefits of prairie with Jackie, a member of Iowa Learning Farms' "Conservation Pack".

May 21: Lab member Usman Anwar has been named a Conservation Super Hero-In-Training by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.  We already knew you were a super hero, Usman, but "WAY TO GO!" anyway.

May 21: Todd Ontl's first dissertation chapter, titled Topographic and Soil Influences on Root Productivity of Three Bioenergy Cropping Systems, was just published in the journal New Phytologist.  Check it out!

May 10: Watch Lisa Schulte Moore and other experts talk about agriculture, food, and fuel as a part of Grown 2 Run Minnesota. The Grown 2 Run team is biking across Minnesota starting today and will also explore and create discussion surrounding food and the agriculture that currently exist on the Minnesota landscape.

May 3: The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture publishes a summary of early results on the Landscape Biomass Project.

April 19: Congratulations to Eddie Shea for successfully defending his thesis! His thesis is titled "Ecological forestry to enhance stand complexity: Songbird community response in a red pine (Pinus resinosa) forest." You can read more about his project in Field Notes or here.

April 1: Congratulations to Eddie Shea and Anna MacDonald for finding post-graduation jobs! Eddie will be working as a Resource Specialist at Teton Regional Land Trust in Driggs, Idaho. Anna will be the Watershed Project Coordinator for Badger Creek Lake Watershed in Madison and Dallas Counties, Iowa.

February 1: Lisa is now a Leopold Leadership Fellow. Find more information about Stanford University's Leopold Leadership Program here.

January 22: Carrie Chennault has joined the lab as a master's student. She is working on the PE/WI project. Welcome, Carrie!

January 14: Read Todd Ontl's article about working in a northern Minnesota bog, Eddie Shea's article about ecological forestry, and see photos taken by various lab members in the 2012 edition of Field Notes, the NREM graduate student magazine.


November 13: Congrats to Anna MacDonald for successfully defending her thesis! You can view Anna's defense presentation here.

October 4: Lisa delivered one of the keynote presentations at the Iowa Environmental Council's annual conference. You can listen to an audio recording of the talk here.

August 28-30: Some lab members spent time talking to farmers, politicians, and neighbors at our display, Right Practice - Right Place, at the Iowa Farm Progress Show.

July 1: Read about some of Lisa's teaching efforts and visit to "The Shack" in the Summer issue of the Leopold Letter.

June 26: Check out our cool new lab logo (upper left), designed by Laura Swan, undergraduate researcher in the lab.

June 1: Lisa shares a personal story on restoration in this month's issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine, titled "Reinforcing a Foundation in Oak."

May 17: Rachael Cox successfully defends her thesis, titled The use of reconstructed prairies in Iowa to increase ecosystem services and create a multifunctional landscape. Watch her defense presentation here. Nicely done, Rachael!