Future Students FAQ

Freshmen FAQ

I’m taking a college-level course while still in high school. Will it transfer?

Iowa State University does accept college-level credits from other institutions. When you apply for admission and send your transcripts a transfer credit evaluation will be included with your admissions offer letter. The evaluation will show you exactly how your credits will transfer.

Do I need a car on campus?

This is a personal decision to be made by each student. Parking is available, but limited and students may not get a parking space close to their residence hall. Students choosing to bring a car must register it and purchase a parking permit. All parts of campus and Ames are very easily accessible by using CyRide, Iowa State’s bus system which is free for Iowa State students.

Are there on-campus jobs for students?

Yes. There are over 4,000 on-campus jobs available for students. They range from dining service, to computer labs, to tutoring. NREM students also have the opportunity to apply for jobs working for our faculty and researchers as they collect data.  You can find an on-campus job by talking with your professors and keeping an eye out for job announcements. You can also check the Student Job Board in AccessPlus.

What are the requirements for admission in the NREM programs at Iowa State?

If you meet university requirements and are offered admission to Iowa State you do not need to meet any additional requirements to major in the NREM programs (Animal Ecology or Forestry).  You can view Iowa State admission requirements: http://www.admissions.iastate.edu/freshman/requirements.php  Ask your guidance counselor which courses are considered “core courses.”

What classes should I be taking in high school to best prepare for a major in Animal Ecology or Forestry?

When choosing classes at your high school, be mindful of the requirements for admission at Iowa State.  Both Animal Ecology and Forestry are science-focused fields. Classes in biology, chemistry, and math will provide a good background.

Why do I need to take a placement exam?

Placement exams, along with your high school courses and ACT/SAT score, provide your adviser with information to help you as you register for classes. This information helps determine which classes best fit your preparation level.  Once you make your orientation reservation you will receive a confirmation letter. This letter will indicate which placement exams you need to take.  Both the math and the chemistry placement exams should be taken online before you come to orientation.

Math placement exam: http://www.cals.iastate.edu/aleks

Chemistry placement exam: http://www.chem.iastate.edu/undergrad/ap-and-transfer-credits

English placement exam: http://www.engl.iastate.edu/isucomm/foundation-2/placement-engl-150/ 

I have a summer job that is NREM-related. Can this count towards the NREM 104 work experience requirement?

You may be able to apply these hours toward the NREM 104 work experience requirement. You will need to contact your adviser to be sure that the job qualifies.

Do I need my own computer? If so, what kind?

Many students choose to bring a personal computer, but there are many computers available on campus for student use. There are 16,000 computer workstations on campus including labs in academic buildings, residence halls, and the library. NREM has its own computer lab in Science II.  All residence hall rooms as well as sororities and fraternities are wired for high-speed internet access. Iowa State also has a wireless internet network.  If you choose to bring a personal computer there is no specific kind that you will need in NREM. Many students choose laptops over desktop models for better mobility. You will definitely want the Microsoft Office suite as these programs are heavily used on campus.

I want to join the NREM Freshman Learning Community, but my roommate is not in the NREM department. Is this possible?

Yes. Not every student living on the NREM Freshman Learning Community residence hall floor is an NREM student. For more information visit our Learning Community page.

How many students are in the classes?

The average class size at Iowa State is 34 students. Introductory lecture courses tend to be larger. These classes can have around 200 students, but these classes make up less than 2% of the classes offered at Iowa State. NREM classes tend to have more like 20-40 students.

How do I join an NREM club?

The NREM department is home to many clubs that are all very welcoming to new members. You should feel free to show up at a meeting or club event. If you’d like information on the various clubs just contact or stop by the Student Services Center (124 Science II) or visit the clubs' websites. The clubs are very active so you can expect to see them at departmental picnics and other events.

When do I register for classes?

During orientation in June you will meet with advisers to plan your schedule of classes. The following day advisers will assist you in registering for the classes you plan to take. If you cannot attend orientation you will need to contact your adviser to make an alternative plan.

What can I do if I'm struggling in a class at Iowa State?

The Academic Success Center on campus provides a variety of resources for students. These services include tutoring, study skills workshops, academic consulting, supplemental instruction, and a variety of other resources. Most of these services are offered for free or at a minimal cost.  Your adviser can also offer support and information about services available to you, so be sure to talk with him or her about your situation.

For more information about the Academic Success Center: http://www.dso.iastate.edu/asc/

How do I know who my adviser is? How do I contact this person?

You will meet with your adviser during orientation in June. You can contact your adviser via email, phone, or stopping by to make an appointment during your adviser’s office hours. You're adviser should also be listed on your AccessPlus.  Expect to meet with your adviser at least once each semester before registering for classes.

If you need to contact NREM Student Services prior to orientation just call (515) 294-6148 or email John Burnett or Amanda Chung.

How many classes should I take each semester at Iowa State?

Generally students take 14-16 credits per semester at Iowa State. A student who is taking twelve credits is considered “full-time,” and eighteen is the maximum number of credits students are allowed to take per semester without special permission. To complete a degree in four years you will need to average sixteen credits per semester.

Transfer Students FAQ

How many transfer credits will be accepted?

Iowa State accepts a maximum of 65 credits earned at a two-year college. There is no maximum number of credits that can be transferred from a four-year institution, but your last 32 semester credit hours must be completed at Iowa State.  Iowa State will accept up to 16 credits earned in vocational-technical courses if the sending community college accepts such courses toward its associate in arts or associate in science degrees.

How will my credits apply?

Once you are accepted to Iowa State a transfer credit evaluation report will be sent along with your Offer of Admissions letter.  If you are transferring from a community college in Iowa, transfer plans for both Animal Ecology and Forestry students can be found on the Resources for Transfer Students page.

TRANSIT is a tool that can be used by students ahead of time to get an idea of how their credits might transfer. However, this tool is not yet compatible with all institutions. https://transit.iastate.edu/

What classes should I be taking before I transfer to Iowa State?

Careful planning of your community college classes will help you graduate in a timely manner. Work with your adviser at your community college to prepare for transferring.  In general students who plan to transfer to NREM at Iowa State should try to take basic biology and chemistry prior to transferring. These courses are prerequisites to many NREM courses. If you are attending a community college in Iowa you can find the exact name of the appropriate courses by viewing the appropriate “Transfer Plans” on the Resources for Transfer Students page.

If you have questions about which classes to take to prepare for transferring to Iowa State in Animal Ecology or Forestry feel free to contact NREM Student Services at (515) 294-6148 or email John Burnett or Amanda Chung.

How long will it take me to graduate from Iowa State?

With careful planning it is possible to graduate in a combined total of four years at your community college and at Iowa State. Transfer students should try to take prerequisite classes such as basic biology and chemistry at their community colleges before transferring to Iowa State.