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Forestry Minor

Animal Ecology and Forestry Minors

The NREM Department offers minors in Animal Ecology and Forestry. Each of the minors has it's own requirements, but must also meet all University requirements.

Select 15 credits from the following:

FOR 302 4cr Silviculture
FOR 356 3cr Dendrology
FOR 416 (+Lab) 3-4cr Forest Insect & Disease Ecology
FOR 442* 3cr Dynamics of Forest Stands
FOR 451 4cr Forest Resource Economics & Quantitative Methods
FOR 452 3cr Ecosystem Management
FOR 475 3cr Urban Forestry
NREM 120 3cr Introduction to Renewable Resources
NREM 301 4cr Natural Resource Ecology & Soils
NREM 345 3cr Natural Resource Photogrammetry & GIS
NREM 390 3cr Fire Ecology and Management
NREM 407 4cr Watershed Management
NREM 446 3cr Integrating GPS & GIS for Natural Resource Mgt.
NREM 471* 3cr Agroforestry Systems


*Courses offered only every other year



University Requirements

  • Must take at least fifteen (15) credits.
  • Six (6) of the 15 credits must be taken at Iowa State University, at the 300-level or above.
  • At least nine (9) of the 15 credits can only be applied towards the minor. They cannot be used to meet any other university, college, or major/department requirement. They can be used as free electives.
  • Courses cannot be taken as pass/not pass.


Declaring a Minor

To declare one of our minors, complete the curriculum change form linked below. For help on how to fill this out, view the instructions page linked at the top of the document or contact your academic advisor.

E-mail the completed form to your advisor for signatures and processing.

Curriculum Change Form