Forestry Camp 2014 Lubrecht Forest, Greenough, Montana

Forestry Camp
Lubrecht Forest, Greenough, Montana
Richard Schultz*, Peter Wolter, Julie Blanchong, Peter Moore, John Tyndall

University of Montana. 100th Anniversary of Iowa State University Forestry Camp program

2014 forestry group
Taken at Seely Lake, timber harvesting

Front row (from left): Bryan Ott (former ISU Forestry Student), Drake Baade (Gowrie, IA), Austin Huebner (Exline, IA), Adam Moeding (Fort Dodge, IA), unknown (Custer State Park forester), Carter Oliver (Woodbine, IA), Endasha Houston (Frisco, TX), Meghann Rudolph (Burnsville, MN), Nicholas Thorson (Atlantic, IA), Nicholas Vial (Charlottesville, VA), Andrew Kretschmer (Des Moines, IA), Frank Degner (Poplar Grove, IL).

Middle row (from left): Daniel Wolf (no hometown listed), Michael Aksamit (no hometown listed), Matt Shanklin (Robins, IA), Matt Monahan (Woodbine, IA), Isaac Hopkins (Van Horne, IA), Michael Vogt (West Des Moines, IA), Keenan Havey (Wheaton, IL), Katie Healy (Newton, IA), Ashley VanWinkle (Davenport, IA), Aaron Westphalen (Des Moines, IA), Luke Laavag (Des Moines, IA), Mario De Castro (Vi├žosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil).

Way back row (from left): Peter Wolters (ISU forestry prof), Kevin Garter (Bettendorf, IA), Ben Krause (Bettendorf, IA), Scott R. Thomas (LeClaire, IA), Chris Engh (Goldfield, IA), Damien Calvin (Des Moines, IA), David Dalbec (Old Mill Creek, IL), Jon Moorman (Cedar Rapids, IA), Zach Burhenn (Gilbert, IA).

*Indicates camp director or co-director