Forestry Camp 1959 Chippewa National Forest near Wirt, Minnesota

Year: 1959
Location: Chippewa National Forest near Wirt, Minnesota
Instructors: Dwight W. Bensend,* Leonard. G. Kellogg, George W. Thomson, and Ronald Jokerst. Cook: Mable and Tennis Larson

CCC Barracks used by ISU Civil Engineering Department

Summer Camp was located in beautiful North Country 2.5 miles north of Wirt, MN at an old CCC Camp that had been used as a POW camp and most recently by Lubsen’s engineers.  The students visited Dora Lake and the Cutfoot Sioux Ranger Districts and Cutfoot Sioux Experimental Forest where they were exposed to silviculture practices including control burning, degree of stocking and reforestation. The students visited one of the oldest shotgun-fed stream-powered sawmills on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.  An outstanding trip to the MANDO Paper Co. at International Falls, MN included being treated to a fine fish dinner at a lodge overlooking Rainy River. One of three recreational highlights was the Conclave that was held the last Sunday in camp with many of the local residents in attendance. Jim Bachman was recognized as “Outstanding Forester”.  Recommendation to campers who travel this way, bring plenty of warm clothes and mosquito repellent, you’ll need it.