Forestry Camp 1958 Apache Creek, New Mexico

Year: 1958
Location: Apache Creek, New Mexico
Instructors: George W. Thomson*, Leonard. F. Kellogg, 1.1. Holland, George B. Hartman (2 weeks). Cook: Mable and Tennis Larson
1958 Forestry camp
This photo provided by Kent McDonald and includes Prof Thomson, Prof Holland, Prof Kellogg, 44 ISU Forestry students, and cooks Mable and Tennis Larson.

When ISU arrived at the old U.S. Forest Service Camp, an old CCC camp in the Apache National Forest in New Mexico under Ponderosa Pines.  There was no running water. Poking around, the group discovered a well house with an old hit-and-miss engine. Being an industrious and resourceful group they managed to get the engine running, well primed, and water pumping! While they had running water for the summer, it was cold water only.  Truck drivers were Jim Gottsacker, Cal Norton, Harold Borchers, Gene Onken, Dave Smith, and Kent McDonald.   

Camp activities include fire school conducted by USFS personnel and wood utilization and forest operations under the expert direction of Prof Hartman and Dr. Holland.  Utilization involved a trip to the Santa Fe treating plant at Albuquerque where railroad ties and timber were treated.  There was another overnight trip to the Southwest Lumber Mill at McNary, Arizona.  Forest operations included visits to fire lookout and ranger stations.  Mensuration involved using the Biltmore sticks made by the students.  This camp was the first one in which mapping was offered under the direction of Dr. Holland. One of the enjoyable side trips was to the Grand Canyon where the students stayed at the old and famous Fort Valley Experimental Forest.  Another noteworthy side trip was to the White River Indian Reservation  at Fort Apache.

Memories of the trip included tasty peanut butter sandwiches, invasions by a group of skunks, the Indian skeleton and Wednesday Night campfires. 

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