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A Basic Overview of Aquaculture

Are you considering aquaculture as a new business or as a way of diversifying your existing business? If the answer to this question is yes, then you should ask yourself, "How much do I really know about aquaculture?" There are many levels of knowledge of aquaculture - from the person who has many years experience in running a successful aquaculture operation, to the beginner who has an interest in, but really no knowledge of, what aquaculture is or involves.

Making Plans for Commercial Aquaculture in the North Central Region

Aquaculture is not a new concept. Japanese, Chinese, Romans, Egyptians, and Mayan Indians farmed fish for food and recreation prior to 2000 BC. Ponds were constructed and fish were raised much in the same manner as fish are raised today. In the North Central Region (NCR), aquaculture is a viable enterprise. Fish are produced for recreational stocking, food, or fee-fishing. This publication, Making Plans for Commercial Aquaculture in the North Central Region, will assist with questions and concerns on establishing a commercial fish culture enterprise.

Pond Culture of Channel Catfish in the North Central Region

The channel catfish is the principal warm water species grown in the southeastern United States. Channel catfish is one of 37 different species in the catfish family. Although this species grows best in southern fish farms, farmers in the North Central Region still culture these fish but with some limitation. These concerns are noted in his publication, Pond Culture of Channel Catfish in the North Central Region.

Niche Marketing your Aquaculture Products

Producers who are ready to harvest their first crop of fish, often ask, “Where will I sell them?” It is surprising how many producers ask this question so late in the production cycle. To avoid certain failure of an aquaculture enterprise, producers must seriously investigate the marketplace as an initial step before investing in production. This bulletin, Niche Marketing your Aquaculture Products, discusses general marketing concepts as applied to food fish and presents ideas for selling aquaculture products locally.