Financial Support


Nearly all NREM graduate students are financially supported by teaching or research assistantships. These appointments are usually half-time, require 20 hours of service per week, and permit the appointee to carry 12 credit hours of coursework per semester. Students pursuing a masters degree who are on half-time assistantship are assessed tuition at the resident rate and receive a scholarship credit equivalent to half of the resident tuition.


Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants (TAs) are generally appointed for the 9-month academic year. The TA usually finds opportunities for summer research assistant (RA) employment on research projects. The typical assignment for teaching assistants is 6-8 contact hours per week, with additional hours for laboratory preparations, correcting papers, helping students, etc. Teaching assistants acquire teaching experience in laboratory classes, which often involve field trips.


Research Assistantships

Research assistantships are usually appointed on a 12-month basis and work on research projects, often contributing to ongoing investigations with broader goals than individual theses. Funding for a RA may come from Work Study, University funds, or from a professor's grant or research contract. A major professor may have grant funds to provide equipment, travel or research expenses for students.

NREM Graduate Student Scholarships

Each spring the NREM department awards nearly $40,000 in scholarships to students. Several of these scholarships are especially for current graduate students. Additionally, students pursuing a Ph.D. receive a full tuition scholarship.
Scholarship Applications are due in February 15th.


Other Financial Support Opportunities

The Graduate College at Iowa State University also offers financial support in the form of travel grants, awards, and scholarships.
In addition to the sources of financial support discussed above, there are others: college work-study jobs, loans, and both on-campus and off-campus employment.
More information on financial support is available from the Office of Student Financial Aid, 0210 Beardshear, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 50011 (515) 294- 2223.