Current Job Opportunities

Opportunity Requires Area Job Type Location
Ph.D. opportunities: New Natures and Mountain Landscapes MS NREM Graduate School University of Victoria, Canada
PhD Fellowship Opportunity in Terrestrail C Biogeochemistry MS NREM Graduate School Philadelphia, PA
Research assistants at Pacuare Reserve, Costa Rica None NREM Volunteer Pacuare Reserve, Costa Rica
Postdoc position: Rockefeller Foundation Planetary Health Fellowship PhD NREM Full-Time Cambridge, MA
Assistant or Associate Professor of Wetland Science PhD NREM Full-Time Sweden, NY
University of Maryland Entomology: 2 Tenure Track Ecology positions PhD NREM Full-Time College Park, MD
Grad Student Openings in Macrophysiology, Macroecology, Macroevolution BS NREM Graduate School Gainesville, Florida
MOFEP Canopy Mapping Technician BS NREM Full-Time Missouri in Reynolds, Shannon and Carter Counties
Postdoctoral Researcher: Plant-soil microbe interactions PhD NREM Full-Time Lawrence, KS
Aquatic Entomologist PhD Entomology Full-Time Blacksburg, Virginia
PhD students- range expansion of mangrove tree crabs into saltmarshes BS Animal Ecology Graduate School Provo, UT
Postdoc: Sea Lamprey Genomics PhD Animal Ecology Full-Time West Lafayette, IN
PhD Position in Plant Chemical/Molecular Ecology BS NREM Graduate School Louisville, KY
Forest Ecology Assistant Professor PhD Forestry Full-Time Madison, WI
MSc in Theoretical Epidemiology BS NREM Graduate School St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada
Grad student opportunity in forest disturbances BS Forestry Graduate School Moscow, ID
Ph.D. Position in Herbivore Physiological Ecology MS Animal Ecology Graduate School Boise, ID
Postdoc modelling plant-plant and plant-environment interactions PhD NREM Full-Time Uppsala, Sweden
Conservation Info Manager BS NREM Temporary Minneapolis, MN or Arlington, VA
Forester/Urban Forestry Partnership Coordinator BS Forestry Full-Time Central Arkansas
Fish and Wildlife Biologist BS Animal Ecology Full-Time Omak, WA
Invasive Plant Coordinator MS NREM Full-Time Tallahassee, Florida
Assistant Professor - Forest Ecology PhD Forestry Full-Time Madison, WI
Masters of Science opportunity in Old-Growth Longleaf Pine Ecology BS Forestry Graduate School Athens, GA
Assistant Professor in Population Genetics PhD Animal Ecology Full-Time Lafayette, LA
Assistant Professor of Biology PhD NREM Full-Time Canton, OH
USFS Hispanic Access Resource Assistant Fellowship None NREM Temporary Milwaukee, Wisconsin
MS/PHD opportunities in marine population connectivity BS NREM Graduate School Baton Rouge, La
MS/PHD opportunities in coral reproductive biology BS NREM Graduate School Baton Rouge, La
MS/PHD opportunities in mesophotic reefs BS NREM Graduate School Baton Rouge, La
Graduate Assistantships at Washington State University Vancouver BS NREM Graduate School Vancouver, WA
Graduate position: Evolutionary Ecology MS NREM Graduate School Salt Lake City, UT
GLANSIS Research Associate BS NREM Full-Time Ann Arbor, MI
Entomologist PhD Entomology Full-Time Fredericksburg, VA
Faculty position: Integrative plant biology PhD NREM Full-Time Orlando, FL
Faculty position: Ecoinformatics PhD NREM Full-Time Orlando, FL
Post-doc Purdue Natural Enemies and Ecosystem Services PhD NREM Full-Time West Lafayette, IN
Assistant Professor in Aquatic Biogeochemistry and Water Quality PhD NREM Full-Time Urbana-Champaign, IL
Ph.D. position in species interactions and invasion ecology MS NREM Graduate School Binghamton, NY
Postdoc: Disease Ecology PhD NREM Full-Time Tuscaloosa, AL
Postdoc Fellowship Applications PhD NREM Full-Time Annapolis, MD
Assistant Professor, Soil Science PhD NREM Full-Time Plattsburgh, NY
City Arborist None NREM Full-Time Post Falls, ID
PhD positions in plant evolutionary ecology BS NREM Graduate School Blacksburg, VA
Postdoc position in tropical urban ecosystem services PhD NREM Full-Time Singapore-ETH Centre
Postdoctoral Research Associate – Watershed Hydrologic Modeling PhD NREM Full-Time Saint Louis, MO
Post-doctoral Research Associate in Entomology/Applied Ecology PhD Entomology Full-Time West Lafayette, IN
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences (Entomology) PhD Entomology Full-Time Fredericksburg, VA
Assistant/Associate Professor Forest Ecophysiology and Global Change PhD Forestry Full-Time Baton Rouge, LA
Faculty positions in Community Ecology: Climate change PhD NREM Full-Time College Park, MD


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