Current Job Opportunities

Opportunity Requires Area Job Type Location
PhD opportunities in entomology MS Entomology Graduate School West Lafayette, IN
Graduate position in Insect-Microbe Symbioses and Evolution MS Entomology Graduate School Merced, CA
MS on adaptation of singing insects to temperature change BS Entomology Graduate School St. Louis, MO
PhD position on 'From sensory perception to action: Active sensing in insects' MS Entomology Graduate School Konstanz, Germany
Applied Insect Chemical Ecologist PhD Entomology Full-Time Geneva, NY
PhD positions in Reproductive Coevolution and Sensory Ecology of Jumping Spiders MS Entomology Graduate School Cincinnati, OH
Arthropod Systematics/Biodiversity PhD Entomology Full-Time Lexington, KY
Project leader- Comparative Insect Biomics in Sweden (and Madagascar) PhD Entomology Full-Time Stockholm, Sweden
Assistant Professor, Citrus Integrated Pest Management PhD Entomology Full-Time Lake Alfred, Florida
Post-doctoral Research Associate in Entomology/Applied Ecology PhD Entomology Full-Time West Lafayette, IN
MS Position in Insect Ecology BS Entomology Graduate School Fairbanks, AK
Postdoctoral Associate: Entomologist/Applied Insect Ecologist PhD Entomology Full-Time Geneva, NY
Insect Vector Biology position PhD Entomology Full-Time Madison, WI
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