Current Job Opportunities

Opportunity Requires Area Job Type Location
Visiting Asst Prof, Marine Ecology PhD NREM Temporary Gettysburg, PA
Assistant/Associate Professor Ecosystem-based Forest Management PhD Forestry Full-Time Alberta, Canada
Faculty Opening in Evolutionary Biology PhD NREM Full-Time San Diego, CA
PhD Student, Urban Ecology and Sustainability MS Animal Ecology Graduate School Fort Collins, CO
Graduate Positions in Population Ecology MS Animal Ecology Graduate School Cincinnati, OH
PhD Research Assistantship in Ecology MS Animal Ecology Graduate School Madison, WI and Lake Myvatn, Iceland
enure Track Position - Integrative Organismal Ecology PhD Animal Ecology Temporary Athens, GA
Assistant Professor in Genomics PhD NREM Full-Time Anchorage, AK
Professor and Head, Biological Sciences PhD NREM Full-Time Blacksburg, VA
Climate Scientist PhD NREM Full-Time Oakland, CA
Initial Investigator/Site Hazard Assessor BS NREM Full-Time Spokane, WA
Administrative/Project Assistant to the Director of the Office of the Columbia River None NREM Full-Time Union Gap, WA
M.S. Assistantship in Applied Forest Ecology and Silviculture BS Forestry Graduate School Ames, IA
Two PhD Positions in Aquatic Ecology MS Animal Ecology Graduate School Columbus, OH
PhD opportunity in animal physiology and community ecology MS Animal Ecology Graduate School Carbondale, IL
M.S. or Ph.D. opportunity: amphibian disease ecology and animal physiology BS Animal Ecology Graduate School Carbondale, IL
PhD scholarships in Urban Ecology/Urban Greening MS NREM Graduate School Sydney, Australia
Taste of the Tropics Internship (2) None NREM Internship Quito, Ecuador
Postdoc- ecosystem service benefits and liabilities of pollinator plantings PhD NREM Full-Time Davis, CA
Tenure track Animal Physiologist PhD Animal Ecology Full-Time Loudonville, Albany County, New York
Assistant Professor in Environmental Chemistry PhD NREM Full-Time Flagstaff, AZ
Field Intern None NREM Internship Missoula, MT
Field Instructor BS NREM Temporary Missoula, MT
City Forester BS Forestry Full-Time Ames, IA
Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences (soil & water) PhD NREM Full-Time Utrecht University (The Netherlands)
Permanent Fisheries Biologist BS Animal Ecology Full-Time Ephrata, WA
Assistant Professor of Biology (Vertebrate Biologist) PhD Animal Ecology Full-Time Topeka, Kansas
MSc Position: Conservation planning BS Animal Ecology Graduate School Prince George, British Columbia
MSc position: Cumulative impacts BS Animal Ecology Graduate School Prince George, British Columbia
Postdoc position in macro ecology and conservation PhD Animal Ecology Full-Time Prince George, British Columbia
Assistant Professor: Department of Forestry PhD Forestry Full-Time East Lansing, MI
University of California President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program PhD NREM Full-Time (Open), CA
Assiociate Researcher (two) in overpopulation BS Animal Ecology Full-Time Gothenburg, Sweden
Graduate student: benthic foraminifera as bioindicators of water quality in coral reefs PhD NREM Graduate School Tallahassee, FL
Assistant Director of Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant MS NREM Full-Time West Lafayette, IN
Assistant Professor: Insect Vector Borne Plant Diseases PhD NREM Full-Time Auburn, AL
Postdoctoral Associate: Entomologist/Applied Insect Ecologist PhD Entomology Full-Time Geneva, NY
PhD Assistantship – Effects of Dams on Riverine Ecohydrology and Ecosystem Services MS NREM Graduate School Gainesville, Florida
Ph.D position: Conservation planning MS Animal Ecology Graduate School Prince George, British Columbia
Ph.D position: Cumulative impacts MS Animal Ecology Graduate School Prince George, British Columbia
Ph.D. positions in soil ecology MS NREM Graduate School Clemson University, SC
Assistant Professor of Anthropology PhD NREM Full-Time Spartanburg, SC
Assistant Professor in ecology/evolutionary biology of disease PhD Animal Ecology Full-Time Pitzer and Scripps Colleges
Assistant Professor in vector-borne disease ecology PhD Entomology Full-Time Blacksburg, VA
Postdoc in trait-based ecology PhD Animal Ecology Full-Time Laramie, WY
Plant Ecology field/lab volunteer position None NREM Volunteer USGS, Hawaii
Field Technician BS NREM Full-Time Berkeley, CA
Tenure-Track Assitant Professor of Plant Biology PhD NREM Full-Time Richmond, IN
Chairperson PhD NREM Full-Time Durham, NH
Postdoc: Quantitative ecologist PhD Animal Ecology Full-Time Orlando, FL


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