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Lecture/Discussion Topics and Readings 2010
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Aug. 23  

Introduction, Definitions

Readings:  Ecological Restoration and the Conservation of Biodiversity (Jordan), Meaning of Restoration, Gardenification of Nature (Janzen)

Aug. 25  

Discussion: Restoration Concepts and Philosophy

Aug. 30  

Prairie Restoration:  Goals, Plans, Planting

Readings:  Ch. 2 in Thompson text, Iowa Ecotype Project; Enhancing Genetic Diversity (Smith), Wisconsin DNR's Native Plant Seed Farm Saga (Weber), Iowa Prairie Rebirth (Drobney)

Sept. 1  

Discussion:  Goals of Restoration/Prairie Planting

Sept. 8  

Weeds--Discussion incorporated into class.

Sept. 13  

Managing Restored Prairie

Readings:  Tools for Diversity; Fire, Grazing and Mowing on Tallgrass Prairies (Davison), Establishing Tallgrass Prairie on Pastureland (Jackson), Bison Prime Prairie Biodiversity (Kaiser), Burning Prairie for Butterflies (Schultz) is OPTIONAL because of modeling emphasis

Sept. 15  

Discussion:  Managing Restored Prairie

Sept. 20  

Savanna Restoration (Diagram of Gradients)

Readings:  Carving up the Woods (Mendelson), Restoring Oak Ecosystems (Packard)

Sept. 22  

Discussion:  Savanna 

Sept. 27  

Forest Restoration

Readings:  Ch. 3 in Thompson text, Tropical Dry Forests (Janzen), How to Grow a Tropical Park (Janzen), Tropical Forests -- Log 'em or Leave 'em? (Chazdon) 

Sept. 29  

Discussion:  Forest Restoration

Oct. 4  

Midterm Examination (material through Sept. 29)

Oct. 10  


Oct. 11  

Rivers and Streams (The Ultimate Restoration Step, Iowa's Wetland and Riparian Areas)

Reading:  Recipe for River Recovery? (Baringa)

Oct. 13  

Discussion:  Rivers and Streams

Oct. 18  

Lake and Wetland Restoration

Readings:  Ch. 4 in Thompson, Discussion of Wetlands, Restored Wetlands Flunk Test (Malakoff), Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife (Malecki)

Oct. 20  

Discussion:  Lakes/Wetlands

Oct. 25  

Restoring Prairie Wildlife

Readings:  Tallgrass Prairie Book Chapter on Birds (Byre), Comments on This and Other Animal Chapters in Packard and Mutel, Diversity and abundance of Springtails in Native and Restored Prairies (Brand)

Oct. 27  

Discussion:  Animal Reintroductions

Nov. 1  

Restoring Animal Populations

Readings: Translocation as a species conservation tool: status and strategy (Griffith), Case Studies, Including Iowa Restorations (Little--handout), Translocation; what leads to success? (Little--handout)

Nov. 3  

Discussion:  Restoring Animal Populations

Nov. 8  

Reintroducing/Restoring Endangered species

Readings:  Endangered SpeciesCalifornia Condors 

Nov. 10 

Discussion:  Endangered Species

Nov. 15  

Genetic and Population Viability Considerations

Readings:  MVP Overview, Minimum [Viable] Population Sizes for Species Conservation (Shaffer)

Nov. 17    

Midterm Examination (material through Nov 15)

Nov. 22, 24  

Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 29  

Large-scale Ecosystem Restoration

Readings:  Bold Plan to Re-create a Long-lost Siberian Ecosystem (Stone), Bringing Back the Everglades (Culotta), Plan to Quench the Everglades' Thirst (Enserink)

Dec. 1  

Discussion:  Ecosystems Restoration


Dec. 6  

Restoration challenges

Reading:  Restoration Ecology: Living With the Prime Directive

Dec. 8  

Discussion of Restoration Ecology

Dec. 14  

Final Examination (tentative): 8:00-9:30 a.m. 

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