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Tyndall JC, Roesch G. (2014). A Standardized Approach to the Financial Analysis of Structural Water Quality BMPs. Journal of Extension. Vol. 52, Num. 3, 3FEA10. Read more about Publications



The Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy is a science and technology-based framework to assess and reduce nutrients to Iowa waters and the Gulf of Mexico.  It identifies practices that farmers can implement to lower the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus running off of their farmland.  

In order to make the best decisions about how to use these practices on their land, farmers need to know the costs associated with each practice as well as how that practice will affect the timing and management of their agricultural operation.  The Nutrient Reduction Strategy Decision Support Tool was created to provide farmers with a straight-forward cost analysis of various Nutrient Reduction Strategy practices, so that they can make more informed budgeting decisions.  

The tool estimates the amount and timing of costs associated with each practice and includes information on the availability of government cost-share programs for each practice.

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