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Animal Ecology Minor

Animal Ecology and Forestry Minors

The NREM Department offers minors in Animal Ecology and Forestry. Each of the minors has it's own requirements, but must also meet all University requirements.

    Required Courses

    NREM 120 3cr Introduction to Renewable Resources
    A ECL 312 (or NREM 311) 4cr Ecology (Field Ecology)
    A ECL 365 4cr Vertebrate Biology


    Additional Electives (to reach 15 credits)

    A ECL 321 3cr Fish Biology
    A ECL 333 2cr Fisheries Techniques
    A ECL 366 3cr Natural History of Iowa Vertebrates
    A ECL 371 (or 372) 3cr Ecological Methods (Wildlife Population Methods)
    A ECL 401 1cr Intro to Aquatic Animal Health & Medicine
    A ECL 415 3cr Ecology of Freshwater Inverteb., Plants & Algae
    A ECL 418 3cr Stream Ecology
    A ECL 425 3cr Aquatic Insects
    A ECL 440 3cr Fishery Management
    A ECL 442 3cr Aquaculture
    A ECL 451 3cr Wildlife Management
    A ECL 454 3cr Principles of Wildlife Diseases
    A ECL 455 3cr International Wildlife Issues
    A ECL 457 +Lab 3cr Herpetology
    A ECL 458 +Lab 3cr Ornithology
    A ECL 459 +Lab 3cr Mammalogy
    A ECL 471 3cr Introduction to Conservation Biology
    A ECL 486 (+Lab) 3-4cr Aquatic Ecology
    A ECL 516* 3cr Avian Ecology
    A ECL 518* 3cr Stream Ecology
    A ECL 520* 3cr Fish Ecology
    A ECL 551* 3cr Behavioral Ecology
    A ECL 570* 3cr Landscape Ecology
    A ECL 589* 3cr Population Ecology
    BIOL 472 3cr Community Ecology
    NREM 270 3cr Fdn. to Natural Resource Policy and History
    NREM 305 1-3cr Seminar (repeatable credit)
    NREM 315 3cr Genetics for Natural Resource Managers
    NREM 330 3cr Principles of Interpretation
    NREM 380 3cr Field Ecology Research & Teaching
    NREM 385 3cr Natural Resource Policy
    NREM 406 3cr Wildlife Camp
    NREM 446 3cr Integrating GPS & GIS for Natural Resource Mgt.
    NREM 460 3cr Controversies in Natural Resource Management
    NREM 490A 1-4cr Independent Study in Animal Ecology
    NREM 496 1-5cr Travel Course in Animal Ecology
    NREM 535* 3cr Restoration Ecology

    *Instructor Permission Required


    University Requirements

    • Must take at least fifteen (15) credits.
    • Six (6) of the 15 credits must be taken at Iowa State University, at the 300-level or above.
    • At least nine (9) of the 15 credits can only be applied towards the minor. They cannot be used to meet any other university, college, or major/department requirement. They can be used as free electives.
    • Courses cannot be taken as pass/not pass.


    Declaring a Minor

    To declare one of our minors, complete the curriculum change form linked below. For help on how to fill this out, view the instructions page linked at the top of the document or contact your academic advisor.

    E-mail the completed form to your advisor for signatures and processing.

    Curriculum Change Form