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Animal Ecology Major

The Animal Ecology major focuses on the science behind the care, management, conservation, and research of wildlife. Students will first build a foundation by taking a wide base of general education classes such as biology, math, and environmental science. As they get further into the program, they will then choose an Option and begin taking advanced level coursework.

Degree Requirements

In order to graduate, students must complete a certain number of credits. These credits should include general education coursework, advanced classes required by whichever specialization, or Option, that they've chosen, and any additional elective courses still needed to reach that total.

Total Credits to Graduate: 128 credits

  • General Education Requirements: 75 credits
  • Option Requirements: 33-45 credits
  • Free Electives: 8-20 credits
  • NREM 104: 400 hours of career-related Experience



Animal Ecology has four emphasis areas to pick from. One is required, more than one is optional. The chosen Option will be officially declared when the student begins taking advanced coursework.

Not sure which Option is best for you?

Select an area that sounds interesting to you:

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