Admissions Process

New NREM graduate students typically enter in the fall semester. We accept applications at any time, but admissions decisions are made during spring for students planning to enter in the summer or fall term, and in late fall for students planning to enter in the spring term.

NREM Graduate Student Admissions Checklist
Applicants to NREM graduate programs are considered for admission only following nomination by one of the department faculty who agrees to serve as major professor. Applicants should contact our professors directly very early in the application process.

Once all items on the checklist below have been completed and submitted, your completed application file will be reviewed by the NREM Graduate Admission Committee. The committee will then make a recommendation for admission to the NREM Director of Graduate Education.

  1. Contact NREM faculty of interest to you.  Interested students will often e-mail faculty to inquire if they have plans to accept new students and attach a resume that describes their interests, academic background, and experience.
  2. After exchange of correspondence and interviews, a prospective faculty member may indicate to you that he/she intends to nominate you for admittance to the graduate program.  At this point, you will begin the formal process of submission of required materials for admission to the university and specific graduate program.
  3. Submit the ISU Graduate School Application to the ISU Graduate Admissions Office:
    • Official transcripts (all schools attended since high school.)
    • International students must also submit official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores and a financial support statement.
    • Three letters of recommendation from persons qualified to judge your ability and potential for graduate study.  You should inform your references that we prefer that they use the electronic form available on the ISU Graduate Application website.
  4. Send to NREM:
    • Personal cover letter briefly reviewing your background and stating as specifically as possible your graduate school and professional goals.
    • Résumé/Curriculum Vitae

It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit all required materials and confirm that they have been received. Allow several weeks for your materials to be received and processed, and then check with NREM at: (515) 294-7991,  After your package is complete, it will be combined with a letter of nomination from your major professor and then routed to the Admissions Committee for evaluation.