Rain Forest Simulation Model

Rain Forest Simulation Model

Watch a tropical rain forest come alive as carbon from the air flows through it! This model was designed for users with no previous modeling experience to delve into ‘What if?’ sorts of questions about factors that limit forest production, and the effects of land-use change on carbon cycling and global warming.

This model is designed to run on PC systems only.

Click here to download the Rain Forest Simulation Model. This is a 250.06MB file, so download time will be slow on a dial up connection. Before running this new installer, be sure to uninstall any previous versions of ExtendSim9Demo, plus after uninstalling, go to your Documents/ExtendSim9Demo folder and delete any remaining files and folders. When prompted choose "run" and then follow the on screen prompts to install the Rain Forest Simulation Modeling software.

Make sure to click yes when asked "Do you want to place an icon for the carbon model of the desktop?"

Look for an icon called RF + Pasture V2.2 on the desktop, click and the Rain Forest Simulation Model will start. Enjoy!

Please Note:

The model is designed to fit in a 1024 X 768 window, and although other users may have higher screen resolutions, the model layout will not resize.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Click here for a .pdf

Model Descriptions: Odum diagrams, parameters, functions, & calibration

Click here for the Rainforest model
Click here for the Pasture model