Iowa Connection

What's the connection between tropical trees and Iowa?A list of bird species common to both La Selva and Iowa is available.Educational opportunities:This research will provide opportunities for students from Iowa to become involved in research in: tropical ecology, biology, forestry, soils, and ecosystem processes.Tropical tree products:Here in Iowa, we use all sorts of tropical tree products. So, sustainable management of tropical forests will benefit us all. Examples of these products include:

  • Wood: mahogany, teak, luan
  • Food and beverage products: Bananas, chocolate, coffee, tea
  • Flavorings: Vanilla, cinnamon
  • Spices: Black pepper, cardamom

Biodiversity and Iowa songbirds:Better management of forest plantations will reduce pressure on adjacent forests and provide places of refuge for forest bird species. This will promote the conservation of biodiversity in tropical forests. Better tropical homes over the winter will help to ensure that our Iowa songbirds return in the spring. A list of bird species common to both La Selva and Iowa is available.Global warming:Burning of fossil fuels has increased the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and warmed our world. If tropical tree plantations are better managed, they could take up and store some of the extra carbon dioxide. This would improve conditions that would otherwise lead to further global warming.