2019 NREM Recognition Banquet


The NREM Recognition Banquet has its roots in both the Animal Ecology and Forestry programs. The Forestry Department began holding an annual Game Feed in the early 1900s. This Game Feed was potluck style where members of the department would bring food they made of wild game to celebrate the accomplishments of their students. Animal Ecology held an annual Scholarship Recognition Banquet since at least the early 1960s that was designed to recognize annual student accomplishments. The current NREM event blends the traditions of both programs into the formal event that is held today.  Undergraduate students, graduate students, and the faculty that impact those students are honored and celebrated. The NREM Recognition Banquet continues to evolve and this year brings many exciting changes and we hope you will join us.


Event Details

Saturday April 20, 2019
11:30 A.M.
Great Hall, Memorial Union,
Iowa State University

Schedule of Events

This year's event will take place in The Great Hall of the Memorial Union/ The social will start at 11:30 A.M. giving guests a half hour to arrive and check-in. During the social, feel free to mingle and take a look at the auction items!  An introduction followed by a buffet lunch will begin at 12:00 P.M. Enjoy great food with friends and family until it's time to start the recognition ceremony at 1:00 P.M. At the conclusion of the ceremony, those interested are invited to join us in Science II for an NREM Open House.  We will have club displays, research poster display, and refreshments!


Tickets Costs

$25 (ISU) / $30 (non ISU) for those that RSVP by the end of April 7th
$30 (ISU) / $35 (non ISU) for those that RSVP after April 7th

Free for scholarship recipients, donors and outstanding seniors
Free for children aged 10 years or younger

Reservation & Payment

Reservations can be made by seeing or e-mailing Amanda Chung

Payment can be made by:  

     1. Seeing Amanda in person (cash or check)

     2. In person at the door of the event (cash, check)

     3. Sent through mail by April 5th (check only)
             Attn: Amanda Chung
             Iowa State University
             Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management
             114 Science Hall II
             2310 Pammel Dr
             Ames IA 50011-1031

Make checks payable to: NREM Department

Parking: Memorial Union

There are a couple of different options for parking around the Memorial Union. One is the attached parking garage that will cost approximately $8 for the duration of the event.  You can find out more about this option HERE. The other option is to park in staff parking areas.  As the event is on Sunday there will be no restrictions or ticketing for parking in these spaces. See the map below to determine where these lots are located.


Parking: Science Hall II

Do you plan to join us at the Open House? If you cannot or do not want to walk to Science II, feel free to drive over. All parking around Science II are free of use Sundays. Below is a map with those lots identified by green and their entrances and the road you can take to them identified with red.



We'd love to hear any questions, concerns or comments that you may have.  Feel free to contact Amanda Chung achung@iastate.edu.