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Tim Youngquist -- Farmer Liaison

Thinking about prairie strips for your farm? Contact farmer liaison Tim Youngquist.

Tim is the best person on the team to ask questions of when it comes to on-farm implementation of prairie strips. He has practical knowledge of farming, having grown up on his family's century farm in Sac County, Iowa. He also has practical experience at prairie restoration and holds two degrees in design. Tim  now has 20+ on-farm implementations of prairie strips under his belt.

What Are Prairie Strips?

Prairie strips is a farmland conservation practice that have been shown to yield disproportionate benefits for soil, water, and biodiversity when integrated into corn and soy fields.  Explore this page to learn more about the design and benefits of STRIPS.

FAQ: Will prairie strips help increase my crop yield?

Will prairie strips help increase my crop yield?

To date, we’ve seen no effects of prairie strips on yields in adjacent cropped areas. Of course, converting cropland to prairie strips will reduce the amount of land that is cropped. Payments for prairie strips from federal conservation programs and other sources can help offset this cost.

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